Children get on the case with interactive murder mystery

Businesses can now provide an interactive experience for employees at their next team building or training day thanks to the launch of our iBeacon murder mysteries (2017). iBeacon technology aims to deliver stimulating and challenging content to a variety of mobile devices, which is designed to focus on all aspects of team building.

Team building events have become stale over the years. We decided on a fresh approach to create an engaging and interesting way for groups to work together using modern, interactive technology.

Our murder mysteries are ideal for encouraging teamwork, communication, collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking and the strengthening of relationships. With flexible set up possibilities, they can also be used for a more targeted experience, to address specific team-building requirements or employee assessments, such as leadership development, delegation, and time management.

The mysteries are fully contained within their own sets of iBeacons, which are portable, easy to set up and can be used anywhere, time and time again.

Participants experience all the evidence first hand through their iOS and Android devices – video interviews with suspects, evidence delivered in a variety of formats for them to sift through and evaluate, visual clues, documents, objects and scenes to examine and explore, puzzles, codes and ciphers to crack, which are all delivered via innovative interactive multi-media.

There are three levels of difficulty available, designed to test a team’s inventiveness and ability to deal with challenging puzzles and intricate plots.

All you need is our free Murder Inc app and its corresponding iBeacon Murder Mystery Box containing a fully interactive murder mystery delivered via iBeacons, together with guides to hosting team building or corporate events and entertainments, tutorials, session plans, movie files, and a variety of support documents on a USB flash drive.

Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries can be used in a variety of locations.