1. Purchase your Murder Mystery Box here.

Detailed guides to hosting your team building or entertainment event, presentations and movie files are all provided on the USB flash drive in the Murder Mystery Box. More information on these is available on the products page.

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2. Organise your teams.
For suggestions on team structuring see the USB flash drive in the Murder Mystery box.

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3. All participants should have downloaded the relevant application from the Apple or Google Play stores to their devices.

This installs all content for the Murder Mystery which is then triggered by the participants' proximity to each iBeacon. The initial briefing and dossier for every Murder Mystery is permanently available in the app.

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4. Switch on your iBeacons and position them around your venue.

If space allows we recommend one iBeacon per room or area. If you wish give your teams a map of the venue showing your iBeacon locations. (video below).

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5. Ensure all team members have enabled BlueTooth and Location services on their devices.

We have found it beneficial to power devices off and then on again prior to playing to improve iBeacon recognition.

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