Angela Hislop, Ireland

What can I say - being a bit of a Murder Mystery fanatic I approached 'The Auction House Atrocity' with bated breath and it didn't disappoint. A cleverly scripted game, with subtle modern day clues presented using a range of multi-media- there really is something for everyone! Each shred of evidence keeps you gripped, focused and thirsty for more as you search for more clues on your mission to identify the culprit! The use of iBeacons allows you to self pace your investigations and digest each piece of information thoroughly. The cleverly constructed mix of audio and visual clues allowed you to navigate forwards and backwards piecing together each clue. The ingenious use of technology really makes this traditionally text heavy game accessible and inclusive to all through its captivating use of audio and video.

Angela Hislop, Ireland

I'm only sorry I've solved it and can't play it again!

Nicola McDonald, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed this murder mystery, (Auction House Atrocity) it was completely different from normal murder mystery packages you can can get - in a good way! I liked that you didn't have to embarrass yourself by acting as a character and I found the variety of clues and rooms really engaging. There are some really clever touches such as being able to search character's phones and tablets, and you can easily go back to revisit evidence. The challenge of putting the evidence together was really fun. the storyline itself was full of intrigue, affairs, and of course arguments over money! I much prefer this format to generic murder mystery sets - the technology is not complicated and works well, and it was a lot of fun dealing with all the evidence to piece it together.

Nicola McDonald, England

Soo much fun, I can't wait to do another one!

Iwan Jones, Wales, United Kingdom

I love it! I’ve played murder mysteries before but this takes it to a whole new level.

Anna Andreasson, Sweden

A very exciting afternoon. Our team solved the murder!

Geraint Eduards, Llandudno

...a really effective and engaging way of bringing a team together