Master Chef Murder

Who killed Gaston DuChamps? Was this murder, or food poisoning? Do you have what it takes to solve this case?



Gaston DuChamps, master chef and judge of the annual Master Chef competition lies dead in the dining room of the Grand Hotel, a broken plate lies at his feet. Was this murder, or food poisoning? Do you have what it takes to solve this case?


Join the Inspector as he identifies and interviews suspects; locate and evaluate the evidence; explore the crime scene; examine the recipes; visit other locations and search them for clues; interrogate the suspects and their statements; get to the bottom of inconsistencies and anomalies and work out what really happened.

  • Which chef is responsible for the murderous dish?
  • Whose unusual ingredients have raised eyebrows across the catering world?
  • Is there any significance in the fact that two chefs were docked valuable points by the murder victim?
  • What is the significance of the broken plate?

The answers to these, and other questions,
will help you uncover the truth, and solve the mystery.

All strategies are described in detail on the USB flash drive supplied as part of the Murder Mystery Box.
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The time required to complete this Murder Mystery can be tailored depending on your needs or activities.

  • The introduction to this game will take around 20 - 30 minutes
  • Entertainment event approximately 2 hours, depending on your event

Master Chef Murder is played through its own free app on iOS and Android devices. Download the app to your device using the links below.

Click on the links below to visit the Apple App / Google Play Stores and download Master Chef Murder to your iOS / Android devices today!


Uncover the truth, and solve the mystery.
Do you have what it takes to solve this case?

I love it! I’ve played murder mysteries before but this takes it to a whole new level.
Iwan Jones, Wales
Auction House Atrocity

What's in the box?
Each box contains everything you need to set up your murder mystery simply and effectively.

There are 6 iBeacons, each connecting to all the relevant information for each location of your game:

  • Interviews with suspects
  • Audio and video files
  • Interactive multi-media activities
  • Evidence and red herrings to sift through, examine and evaluate


The USB flash drive contains materials and suggestions to enable you to tailor your iBeacon Murder Mystery to meet your needs - whether your purpose is a team building exercise, an ice-breaker or just a simple entertainment. We recommend you read the all information it contains to help you identify which scenario best suits your needs.

  • Introductory video tutorial outlining everything you need to know to set up your beacons, brief your players, and set the game afoot
  • Introductory powerpoint, keynote and pdf files to start your session off
  • A variety of suggested session plans, and ways in which the game can be used
  • Various ways in which evidence can be submitted
  • The solution to your Murder Mystery in video format presented by the Inspector leading the case
  • Tech support documents for your event
  • Team building guidance documents
  • Plenary session guidance documents
  • Team building support documents for your participants


This is not a linear story in the manner of other mystery games - this game is fully interactive, and delivered via iBeacon technology direct to your device.

You will have to explore each location and find the evidence for yourself. You can access any area at any time. Each area contains an interview with a suspect, but you will need to draw your own conclusions from this.

There is a large quantity of supplementary evidence to discover, but you will need to decide for yourself what is significant and what may be a red herring. Along the way there will be interactive puzzles, codes and ciphers you will need to crack in order to gain access to information.

All the information you need to solve the case is here, but it may not be immediately apparent. Our aim is to challenge!!

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